SKH Metals

SKH’s journey started in 2006, when Krishna Group acquired an existing sheet metal auto-component manufacturer and renamed it as SKH Metals Ltd.

SKH Metals is a Joint Venture between SKH and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL) with a stake percentage of 62% and 38% respectively . SKH Metals currently has two dedicated facilities for Maruti Suzuki India Limited, both on MSIL supplier Parks in Gurugram and Manesar.

SKH Metals is proud to be a partner in Maruti Suzuki's stupendous growth journey by supplying critical components such as Frame Front Suspensions, Arm Suspension, Metal Fuel Tanks, Axle Housings, Stamped and Welded Assemblies (Low and Hi-tensile parts. SKH Metals also has the distinction of commanding 100% share of business for all the parts that it supplies to MSIL.

SKH Metals, Gurugram

  • Year of acquisition - 2006
  • Total Area – 10,800 Sq. Mtrs
  • Shop floor Area – 6,480 sq. Mtrs.
  • Total Employees – 732
    • White collar – 59
    • Blue collar - 673

SKH Metals, Manesar

  • Start of Production - 12th September 2008
  • Total Area – 23,625 Sq. Mtrs
  • Shop floor Area – 21,374 sq. Mtrs.
  • Total Employees – 1,204
    • White collar – 130
    • Blue collar – 1,074

Our Milestones


Acquired MARK Auto. Portfolio included axle housings, frame suspensions and metal fuel tanks


Commissioning of SKH Manesar Plant


Technical License Agreement with Y-TEC Corporation of Japan for high tensile metal forming


Achieved Zero Defect Supplies for full financial year 2017-18 from its Manesar facility

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Maruti Suzuki