SKH Metals

SKH’s journey started in 2006, when Krishna Group acquired an existing sheet metal auto-component manufacturer and renamed it as SKH Metals Ltd.

SKH Metals is a Joint Venture between SKH and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL). SKH Metals currently has three dedicated facilities for Maruti Suzuki India Limited, one facility each in the MSIL Supplier Parks in Gurugram and Manesar and one newly inaugurated facility in IMT Manesar.

SKH Metals is proud to be a partner in Maruti Suzuki's stupendous growth journey by supplying critical components such as Frame Front Suspensions, Arm Suspension, Metal Fuel Tanks, Axle Housings, Stamped and Welded Assemblies (Low and Hi-tensile parts. SKH Metals also has the distinction of commanding 100% share of business for all the parts that it supplies to MSIL.

SKH Metals, Gurugram

  • Year of acquisition - 2006
  • Total Area – 10,800 Sq. Mtrs
  • Shop floor Area – 6,480 sq. Mtrs.
  • Total Employees – 732
    • White collar – 59
    • Blue collar - 673

SKH Metals, Manesar

  • Start of Production - 12th September 2008
  • Total Area – 23,625 Sq. Mtrs
  • Shop floor Area – 21,374 sq. Mtrs.
  • Total Employees – 1,204
    • White collar – 130
    • Blue collar – 1,074

Our Milestones


Acquired MARK Auto. Portfolio included axle housings, frame suspensions and metal fuel tanks


Commissioning of SKH Manesar Plant


Technical License Agreement with Y-TEC Corporation of Japan for high tensile metal forming


Achieved Zero Defect Supplies for full financial year 2017-18 from its Manesar facility


Expansion of SKH Metals, Manesar by adding more production capacity to serve MSIL

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Maruti Suzuki