Our Work Culture

At SKH, we believe that the primary objective of achieving high employee engagement is to instil passion in all that we do and enable the workforce to meet and surpass performance expectations, leading to long-term success and EMERGE as successful business leaders.

We offer an open and transparent culture to employees where they can approach anyone in the organization without fear and hesitation. It’s a friendly and fun working environment where everyone feels like they’re working and growing together.

What makes working at SKH truly unique is that we recognize the value of a healthy and happy workforce and hence employee initiatives are designed to allow teams to connect with each other beyond work.

We believe these interactions go a long way in building an organization which is connected. We celebrate festivals, events and successes together as one SKH family.

SKH’s Innovation Based HR Culture

  • The foundation of SKH lies in the core principle of striving to excel across all dealings and processes
  • SKH believes that excellence can only be achieved by having a consistently motivated workforce. Hence, our focus is on creating an enjoyable work environment for everyone associated with the SKH family.
  • As an organization, our emphasis is on flawlessly executing everything we work on and growing consistently while forging and maintaining great relationships with all our business partners.
  • Our ethos operates on the philosophy that our world is changing rapidly and it is imperative that we continually seek challenges and take calculated risks to stay ahead at all times.

High-Impact Human Resource Philosophy


Staying positive, staying passionate


Coaching line managers to be ‘people managers’


Building fairness and transparency in people processes


Understanding and contributing to the business

Great People make Great Workplaces

At SKH, we enable technology and empower our employees to transcend boundaries and maximise their potential. We foster growth by investing in new age technology, processes and people.

Stretching Boundaries Together

Our robust business model, focussed on automotive component manufacturing, is based on the vision of achieving cost efficiencies by rationalizing capex and operating expenses for customers and giving them faster time to market.

Delivering ‘Zero Defect High Quality Automotive Components', we remain the preferred partner for all top automobile players in the country. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities provide the competitive edge as we continue to provide quality products to our niche customers.

Stretching Boundaries Together

Building Leaders of tomorrow

SKH gives you the space to grow and to carve your own niche. We believe in the philosophy that ‘You challenge the norm and we support You'.

At SKH, we offer you Leadership roles at an early stage in your career. Responsibility to have independent charge of managing a large infrastructure base spread across a wide geography, multiple stakeholder expectations, environmental factors and a large team on the ground - these are all variables of leadership that our employees would experience at a young age. Tough terrains, ambitious targets, aspirational performance benchmarks and geographically spread team members operating from the remotest of locations, adds to the overall leadership development of our people.

Building Leaders of tomorrow

You Grow, We Grow

We live to learn. At SKH, we invest heavily in developing your skills and talents and offer you great opportunities to build your career, and take it to new heights.

As an organization, we remain committed to building talent and provide our employees an opportunity to grow into larger roles with higher accountabilities. We have well-defined career paths and development interventions woven around that, designed for individuals who are driven, enthusiastic and have the potential to grow to larger leadership roles.

Our career framework works on the guiding principles of providing cross-functional exposure, challenging roles in varying geographies and an opportunity to grow as an individual contributor with a subject matter expertise and/or a people manager with large teams.

You Grow, We Grow