Best-in-class Technology

To stay ahead of competition and adapt to the dynamic manufacturing environment, SKH believes Innovation is the key. Innovation is necessary for continuous change, to contribute to the economic growth of the organisation, and more importantly, to compete in the global market. In addition to innovation as a mode for continued growth and change, there are many other vehicles for growth in the manufacturing industry. One, in particular, that has been gaining momentum is the idea of World Class Manufacturing (WCM). WCM includes increased competitiveness, development of new and improved technology and innovation, increased flexibility, increased communication between management and production employees, and an increase in work quality and workforce.

We, at SKH, follow the below mentioned WCM principles and apply them 100% in our day to day operations.

All SKH Manufacturing processes aim to improve the Operational Performance with World Class Manufacturing based on a few fundamental principles:

  • The involvement of people is the key to change
  • Accident prevention is a non-derogated value
  • All leaders must demand respect for the standards
  • All forms of MUDA are not tolerable
  • Eliminate the cause and not treat the effect
  • It is not just a project, but a new way of working
  • The customer's voice should reach all departments and offices
  • Methods should be applied with consistency and rigor

SKH Centre of Excellence (COE)

SKH is setting up a Centre of Excellence to ensure introduction of new technologies and is bringing testing/ prototyping in-house with an aim to reduce turnaround time and increase project implementation philosphy. At COE, SKH intends to partner with Customers/ Technology Partners to develop a robust system for testing, development & designing automitive products in-house.

Structure of COE