Our Leadership


Ashok Kapur

Founder and Group Chairman of Krishna Group of Companies

Founder & Group Chairman, Krishna Group

Mr. Ashok Kapur founded the Krishna Group in 1994, starting with the manufacturing of seating systems for the iconic Maruti 800 as their first product. Since then the group has grown into a multi-product, multi-location automotive components conglomerate.

KML (Krishna Maruti Limited) is the Flagship Company of Krishna Group. It is the only seating company in the world & the youngest company in the world to have won the coveted Deming prize in 2006. Today, KML supplies Seating Systems, Door Trims, Automotive Mirrors, CNG kits, Automotive Textile & Tooling to customers such as Maruti Suzuki, Suzuki Motor Gujarat, Honda cars, Mahindra, Renault, Nissan, Toyota, MG Motors, Isuzu, SML Isuzu, Escorts Kubota.

SKH (the Metal Forming Division of Krishna Group) supplies Metal Fuel Tanks, Exhaust Systems, Chassis and Suspension Parts, Cabin Systems, Roof Headliners, Gear shifters, Axle housings, Sheet Metal Components & Welded assemblies to some of the most coveted OEMs such as Maruti Suzuki, Suzuki Motor Gujarat, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India, Tata Motors, Renault Nissan, FCA, Mahindra, MG Motors, Suzuki Motorcycle, Piaggio, Ashok Leyland, JCB, Caterpillar, Escorts Kubota, CNH, Manitou India, Euler Motors, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, MAN, SEAT, John Deere, Kohler, Ducati.

Mr. Ashok Kapur is an architect by education and has rich & diversified experience in the industry. He is a visionary leader & a dynamic entrepreneur in the automotive domain. His guiding principles are Happiness & Positivity, Discipline, Time Management, Passion & Integrity. He believes that “Customer is God”.

Mr. Ashok Kapur is also the President of Maruti Suzuki Suppliers Association, is actively involved in promoting TQM & other best practices in the automotive industry.

Mrs. Arti Kapur & Mr. Ashok Kapur believe in giving back to the society & passionately support community development initiatives. They have established Sat Krishna Charitable Trust which is the social arm of the Krishna Group for implementation of various CSR activities.

Mr. Ashok Kapur & Mrs. Arti Kapur have a son & two daughters.


Sunandan Kapur

Vice-Chairman, Krishna Group & SKH

Vice-Chairman, Krishna Group & SKH

Mr. Sunandan Kapur is the Vice-Chairman of Krishna Group and Krishna Group’s Metals Division (started in 2006), which is one of the most prominent Indian auto-component groups in India.

Krishna Group enjoys market leadership in many automotive business verticals including Seating systems, Metal Fuel tanks, Off-road cabins, Mirror Systems, CNG Kits, Door Trims, Roof Headliners, Front Frame and Arm suspension, Gear Shifter and Exhaust Systems. The Krishna Group has business interests in Automotive, Real Estate, Media and Travel.

Before joining Krishna Group, he worked in Hamamatsu, Japan as a Shop Floor Engineer and grasped the nuances of the auto component business. Post his experience in Japan, he moved back to India to join the Krishna Group in the year 2000 and after working for a year as a Management Trainee, he was formally inducted in the Group as Vice-Chairman in 2001-02.

Under his vision & dynamic entrepreneurial guidance, the Group, which started in 1994 has crossed an annual turnover of USD 1.17 billion (automotive business) in FY 2022-23. The Krishna Group’s Metals Division which is under his direct leadership has grown exponentially since 2006.

He introduced the Krishna Group to a completely new segment of auto component manufacturing enabling the automotive business to provide diversified automotive solutions to Indian and Global OEMs. His strategic vision to join hands with various International automotive OEMs, forming joint ventures with global technology leaders, forming various technical collaborations and foraying in the global market turned the fortunes for the Group.

Sunandan’s passion is to create a passionate, motivated and happy workforce based on his belief that people are the most critical success factor contributing to any organization's continued growth and sustainability. He treats and genuinely believes that the entire organization is his extended family and goes to great lengths to ensure their well-being.

In terms of his interests and hobbies, Sunandan is passionate about technological innovation. He is an avid sports enthusiast with a penchant for lawn tennis.