Learning and Development

At SKH, we aim to meet and exceed employee learning and development needs, ensure optimal human capital development, and build business management and leadership skills for a strong team to EMERGE into the future. We believe that when it is well-aligned with overall business objectives, a clear and well-defined learning and development strategy provides the blueprint to develop a talent pipeline that is well equipped to deliver organizational goals.

Our work demands shifting gears quickly from strategy to execution, and hence an ability to blend long term vision with swift execution and a techno-commercial bend of mind.

If you believe that YOU:

  • Have the passion for perfection and a strong drive to make a difference;
  • Are a self-starter and can motivate and inspire the team, in a challenging and tough environment;
  • Believe in striving for excellence at every step and;
  • Consistently meet and exceed customer expectations

We welcome you to SKH Family!

Do more With Less

The world seems to have - now more than ever - less time, less patience, and fewer resources. Churning out products faster than ever, shrinking product life cycles, and getting more from every unit of input – all seem to be the order of the day. Businesses that master the art of doing more with less are those that will succeed in the future. At SKH, this has been our philosophy and our intent is to take it to the next level.

Do It Together

The future is collaborative. And businesses are no exception. The faster we build powerful partnerships, and the stronger they are, the easier it will be to develop innovative technologies for the ever-changing market. With strong relationships and collaborations in India, SKH is now focussing on achieving the same at the international level.

Disrupting Traditional Businesses

Reinventing the supply chain – a radical process and technology shift to drive business growth into the future.

Do it For All

Technology is most powerful when it is put in the hands of more and more people. Businesses that can create accessible innovations will own the future. Because what use is technology if it can only be used by a select few.

Making The World a Better Place

SKH is betting on future businesses that the world really needs to foray in. In fact, SKH has emerged as a leader in numerous business facets contributing to the world in making it a better place.