With over a decade of successfully serving Indian as well as Global OEMs, SKH’s way of life has evolved in line with our aspirations as an organization. We are inspired by our people. We believe that the only way to achieve success is by having a passionate workforce that helps deliver quality consistently.

Our ecosystem, thus, strongly embodies the EMERGE philosophy:


Excellence in our business processes, products and dealings

We are determined to add value to all our stakeholders with an endeavour to exceed their expectations on a continuous basis.

Motivation of the workforce

We believe that an inspired workforce is the stimulus to true success in any organization. Together we can achieve what we can’t individually.


Enjoyment in everything we do

We understand that the unique character of our organization can only remain intact if the custodians of SKH - our team members - enjoy everything they do and focus on making their work enjoyable every day.

Relationship with our business partners

We believe that our relationship with each one of our clients as well as our partners is the bedrock of our organization.


Growth is what we are working for

With innovation and unparalleled performance at the heart of SKH philosophy, we aim to fulfill our promise of growth.

Execution of projects flawlessly

We recognize the importance of a detail oriented approach towards each task, ensuring meticulous implementation of projects.


The elements of our way of life come together to form the word EMERGE, which embodies our passion, our commitment and the way SKH envisions its growth.