Best-In-Class Quality


SKH practises best in-class quality with an aim to exceed customer expectations and achieve higher customer satisfaction by manufacturing best quality products through demonstrating a reliable and comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS). We believe that these parts must meet market requirements, regulations as well as customer guidelines.

We, at SKH, aim to ensure best in-class quality through the various measures we take on the floor and through regular monitoring. We:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction through 100% compliance to quality norms as prescribed, simultaneously reducing the cost of quality.
  • Create/Improve visibility and control quality processes across manufacturing operations and supplier networks to aim for Zero Defects across all manufacturing facilities.
  • Minimize scrap, rework returned materials across the value chain leading to Zero Wastage and increased efficiency.
  • Build in complete product and process traceability into all our production processes for automated data collection from across manufacturing facilities.
  • Follow an integrated approach to quality for the entire automotive supply chain and address the issues of managing global supply chain networks. It involves a combination of process and product audits that covers both external and internal checks, focussing on supplier management, quality conformity of the product through its lifecycle, manufacturing quality and pre-shipment inspections.

Today, we, at SKH, are proud to strive for Zero Defect assembly lines for all our customers across all our manufacturing facilities.